Design works

Design works are ensured by a design department, both realisation its own commissions and for external organisation and sub-supplyers.

Design work is ensured, both for construction in the Czech Republic or extansion EU and constructions in thrid countries for example Turkey.

Projects are processed according to applicable legislation demands and established system of quality control.

We provide project documentation from design and tender documentation, implementation documentation to the real state documentation.

We realize:

  • Project documentations of measuring and regulating devices,
  • supervising,
  • project documentations of control systems,
  • project documentations of devices cathegory „A“ and „B“,
  • project documentations of electric devices of units and devices for mine activity.

We provide:

  • Design works for low voltage and high voltage.

Design works are realized in digital form EPLAN, P8, alternatively files in DWG format. Commonplace is afterwards printing in requiring number of pare.