Rail vehicles

A rail vehicle as a transport conveyance is capable of driving on rail that carries and leads the vehicle.

Special group of these means of transport are vehicles that uses special tracks (an industry track or a mine track).

These conveyors are used beyond classical rail transport and serve to material transport.

Nowdays at the underground mines, the majority of rails is formed by suspension locomotives, which are easier from a view of securing a rail track. However, there is still a need to secure the control system especially against adverse effects.

Control system has to fully resist to these effects including appropriate field instrumentation.

One of necessary conditions is approving according to applicable legislation.

Rail transport at industrial businesses is used in more favorable indoor conditions and of course, there are higher demands on operator‘s amiability and alternatively securing against potential conflict with workers during possible autonomous operation or an operation by remote control.

Both types of environment place high demands on used control system, both regading to reliability and safety.