Food industry

The food industry is a specific industrial branch with a regard to ensure maximal tidness. Regarding to this requirement there are used to purify highly agressive substances which has an effect on working environment of devices.

Food industry i also very demanding with its requirements to full-funciton and safety of control systems beacuse the final result od technology operations is intended for human consumption.

The control system generally provides, both an autonomous control and control within a network based on instructions of a supervisor control system.

Secondary task of the system is to ensure measuring amount of medias and a final product, eventually even input sources.

The system is interconnected by communication network with other techonlogies of the food industry.

The system operation is possible to be done by a local operator panel, local dispatching or eventually by a remote food operation dispatching.

Field instrumentation consists of, both simple sensors (pressure, temperatures) connected to the system via/through I/O and analyzers that communicate with the system by communtication protocols. Most of sensors are made of stainless steel with a certificate for use at the food industry.