Heating boiler stations

Gas regulation stations are devices used for regulating of pressure and protection against inadmissable increasing of working pressure. They are located at distribution gas routes and they are categorized especially based on amount of input pressure (Very high pressure, High pressure, Moderately high pressure , Low pressure) and amount of gas flowed.

A part of a gas regulation station are also other devices e.g. preheating gas, filter or odorants station.

The control system telemetrically monitores main operating values of regulation station eventually also heat control and odorisation.

The system is interconnected by communication network with regional dispatching distribution company.

Field instrumentation consists of, both simple sensors (pressure, temperatures) connected to the system through I/O and complex devices (heat measuring) that communicate with the system by communtication protocols.

Whereas the regulation station has specific environment (the zone 2 explosion hazard) a device has to conform to stirct stanards for use in this environment.