Pumping stations

Pumping stations are used in a field of water supply to overcome hight differences between water and sewer networks. It allows to pump, both raw or potable water and wastewater.

Pumping stations are further divided accordingly whether they pump to gravity or pressure network.

The control system ensures, both an autonomous control and a control within the network based on connection point-point or instrucions from superior control systrm fot example a treatment station or a waste-water treatment plant.

It’s necessary that the system safely and constantly ensures functions considering quality of water that is intended to customers.

A secondary task of the system is to measure amount of water, electricity and other used elements (as chlorine, lime, etc.)

The system operation my be proceed either at local operator workplace or it‘s connected to the remote water dispatching

Field instrumentation consists of simple sensors (pressure, liquid levels) connected to the system via/through I/O