Treatment stations

In case, raw water taken from surface or underground resources doesn’t meet requirements stated in the decree for potable water, then it‘s necessary to be treated at treatment stations.

Water treatment works at mechanical, biological and chemical or physical-chemical principles.

Then, potable water is stored in tanks, whence is according to need continuously supplied to the water network.

Control system is responsible for controlling individual processes of water purification, storing and supplying water to treatment stations and to the water network.

It’s necessary that the system safely and constantly ensures functions considering quality of water that is intended to customers.

A secondary task of the system is to measure amount of water, electricity and other used elements (as chlorine, lime, etc.)

In most cases, the system is operated by communication with pumping stations, both raw and potable water and in case of larger agglomerations even with treatment stations which supplies water to the same water network.

The system operation may be proceed either at local operator workplace or it‘s connected to the remote water dispatching

Field instrumentation consists of, both simple sensors (pressure, liquid levels) connected to the system via/through I/O and complex analytic devices that communicate with the system by communtication protocols.